De RATAKA wijnkoningin is nog maar net terug van haar wijnpromotiereis naar Amerika en haar voorliefde voor wijn uit de regio rond de Mosel is al opgenomen in de nieuwste uitgave van de beroemde Amerikaanse wijngids "Windows on the World Complete Wine Course van Kevin Zraly". Volgens onze Amerikaanse correspondent is "Windows on the World Complete Wine Course van Kevin Zraly", met meer dan drie miljoen verkochte exemplaren wereldwijd, de populairste wijngids op de Amerikaanse markt. 

Onderstaande de recensie van het boek in de "Wall Street Journal"

“When it comes to beginners’ wine guides, Windows on the World Complete Wine Course is one of the perennial best.” 

In the clear, engaging style that has made this comprehensive book a national and international favorite for more than three decades, Kevin Zraly—America's ultimate wine educator and the creator of the Windows on the World Wine School—demystifies every aspect of wine: from grape varieties and their flavors, different types and styles of wines, and how they’re produced, to the latest winemaking developments, how to read a wine label, and the physiology of smell and taste. Covering the world of wine from the renowned reds of Bordeaux and California to the cutting-edge whites of Washington State and New Zealand, this essential volume features lush new photographs, a wealth of enlightening infographics, clear maps of each region, guided tastings, the best 500 wines in the world under $30, and hundreds of labels to help you identify wines worth tasting. Completing this must-have guide are notes on food pairings, frequently asked questions, a directory of resources, and a glossary of select terms. This newly revised and expanded 2017 edition introduces a fresh new interior design, the latest vintages to savor, and much more for beginners and experts alike. The Windows on the World Complete Wine Course will give you all the tools you need to discover and enjoy the perfect wines for you.

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